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Are you registered for gifts?

We really don't expect gifts -- we're just very glad that you're spending time and resources to celebrate with us. We also live in a super tiny San Francisco apartment with no storage space, so we don't have a gift registry, because we'd have nowhere to put anything. If you do want to give us something, we're happy to accept anything that can fit inside an envelope and get past TSA without causing problems.

Will there be a ceremony?

We got married in a private civil ceremony on Deceber 21st in Saint Paul, MN with only immediate family in attendence.

Are children invited?

Yes. If you decide to bring your kids, please include them, along with their names and any dietary restrictions, when you RSVP.

When and how will I recieve an invitation?

We'll send out invitations in January 2024. For most people, we'll send your invitation via email. If you want an old-fashoned paper invitation, use this form to let us know that. Make sure to include your mailing address.

What should we wear?

We're opting for dressy casusal/festive attire, but please wear whatever you feel comfortable in. We don't really care what you show up wearing, we're just glad you'll be there. If it helps, Gunnar isn't going to wear a tie.

Kansas City has average highs in the mid- to upper-60s and lows in the mid-40s (°F) in April. We expect to be mostly indoors, but the venue also has an outdoor space if it's nice out.

Home Event Details Travel Details Things to do in KC FAQ Contact Us